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Information and links for below-18's interested in operating amateur radios.

Collection of PDF comic books designed to provide an introduction to ham radio, presenting its history, applications, and relevance.

Ham radio commentary and WriteLog user site.

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Directory of ham radio stations worldwide with rankings and statistics.

Provides information about amateur and Ham radios in India.

Florida ham radio enthusiast solicits input on the SDR experience.

Introduction to ham radio with Morse Code filter and Morse Code practice oscillator projects.

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Online resource for ham radio information and for checking signals and listening to other ham radios on remote receivers.

Miscellaneous ham radio stuff. Topics include getting started, what ham radio is, and how to get involved.

Provides amateur daily headline news updates for the Ham radio enthusiasts.

Showcases practice exams, message forums, and upcoming events for Ham radio kids.

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Collection of Ham radio circuit diagrams, including transceivers, transmitters, and filters.

Category: Recreation: Radio: Amateur: VHF:
Includes product listing, amateur radio services, FAQs, and links by Ham radio USA.

Amateur Ham radio resource page contains FAQs, personal biography, announcements, forum site, and news update.

Owned and operated repair service company that deals exclusively with the Ham radio amateur community.

Resource site for amateur Ham radio enthusiasts in India, with details on latest news updates, forum discussions, photos, and links.

Contains information on ham radio for amateur enthusiasts.

Presents an overview of the organization, roster of managers and active members, and links to ham radio sites.

Provides comprehensive regular trainings for ham radio enthusiasts and operators in Salem. Offers licensing courses.

List of ham radio related topics, antenna sale, and general information on radio modifications and links.

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